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Research Interests

My research focuses on the interconnected problems of climate change, poverty and complex notions of risk, primarily deploying a qualitative and interpretative approach to examine local response strategies, survival techniques and capacity to cope with, and adapt to, climate change, mainly in Bangladesh. Specifically, my work focuses on:

  • • Climate resilience, vulnerability and risk
  • • Climate adaptation, poverty and livelihoods
  • • Social capital and climate adaptation
  • • Socio-cultural settings influencing climate adaptation
  • • Community-based resource management
  • • Cultural dissemination methods

Climate Resilience, Vulnerability and Risk

My research focuses on resilience with an emphasis on vulnerability to explore how individuals, households and communities cope with, and adapt to, climate change via case study research in Bangladesh.
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Urban Climate Change Resilience

My research on this area extends my work on climate resilience and vulnerability in coastal Bangladesh to urban adaptation, specifically examining the land tenure implications of climate change in Dhaka, which is fundamental to addressing the linked challenge of climate adaptation and poverty alleviation, in the context of a growing, urbanising population.
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I am always interested in proposals for research collaboration, so do contact me.

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