Teaching Approach

DSC_0025I have a strong commitment to research-led teaching. I see applied research feeding into professional development and student-centred learning. I am keen to use my knowledge and experience to provide students with an understanding of cutting edge conceptual and operational debates on a broad range of issues related to climate change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability. In particular, to guide and support students to think more critically and deeply about what they are studying from an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.

University of Manchester (2013-Present)


MSc Environment, Climate Change and Development and across all MSc courses in the field of International Development

Current Teaching

•  Environment, Climate Change and Development (Course Coordinator and Lecturer, 2015 – Present)
Climate Change, Disasters and Responses (Course Coordinator and Lecturer, 2015 – Present)
• Culture and Disasters (Lecturer, 2015 – Present)
Poverty and Development (Lecturer, 2015 – Present)
• Migration and Development (Lecturer, 2013 – Present)
• Development Research (Lecturer, 2013 – Present)
• Development Fundamentals (Lecturer, 2015 – Present)

Previous Teaching

• Climate Change, Disasters and Urban Poverty (Course Coordinator and Lecturer, 2013 – 2015)
• Environment and Development (Course Coordinator and Lecturer, 2014 – 2015)
• Poverty and Poverty Reduction in Context (Lecturer, 2013 – 2015)
Fieldwork in Uganda (Lecturer, 2014 – 2015)
• Perspectives on Development (Lecturer, 2013 – 2015)

See IDPM for further details on Postgraduate taught courses

Personal/Academic Tutor

• MSc Environment, Climate Change and Development (2015 – Present)
• MA Environment and Development, MSc Economic Management of Rural Development (2014 – 2015)

Queen’s University Belfast (2007-2011)

BSc Environmental Planning, MSc Environmental Planning, MSc Spatial Regeneration and MSc Urban and Rural Design

Introduction to Planning Research Skills (Course Coordinator and Lecturer)

In addition, I have convened lectures and tutorials on a broad range of topics on environment and development for courses in: Planning and Environmental Governance; Local and Regional Sustainability; Institutional and Policy Context of Planning; and Urban Design in Practice.

PhD Students

I am always interested in proposals for PhDs on topics related to my research interests, so do contact me. Please check the application procedures on the University of Manchester website: http://www.seed.manchester.ac.uk/apply/postgraduateresearch

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