Urban Climate Change Resilience


Research Summary

Climate experts suggest that a resilient community can better withstand disturbances, self-organise and learn and adapt to change.

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Research Aim & Objectives

The overarching aim of the proposed research project is to investigate the influence of land tenure on local resilience to climate stress.

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Research Context

Climate change is now recognised as one of the greatest challenges facing humanity; adaptation to address the potential impacts of unavoidable climate change requires urgent attention.

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Location & Methods

This study will involve two case studies of similar urban sites in Dhaka, which is recognised for its high vulnerability to climate change impacts.

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Photo credit: Alexandre Magnan

Wider Context and Relevance

In short, this project has an interdisciplinary focus, uses a mixed methods approach, is based on international study, engages around policy-making and delivery.

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Project Dissemination & Impact

A key part of this project will involve developing collaborative policy briefs for Bangladesh government officials involving policy-makers and NGOs during a Policy Workshop in Dhaka.

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